Please bring back the lifetime access for $99

I’m so disappointed to find that I missed the lifetime access for $99 by just one week. I found out about algo monster just now. It will take me a lot longer than one year as I am older. I wish you could bring back the lifetime access rate of $99. Otherwise I cannot sign up.


I feel your pain…I want to subscribe since I’m in the middle of learning DSA…but after seeing the $99 lifetime…the other subscriptions don’t make sense to me (like paying $19 a month when the option for that $79 lifetime was there a few days ago)…so it looks like I’ll be learning somewhere else unfortunately.

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Another thing that bothers me - there is no customer support, no way to contact them. No company name nor address. So that no one can sue them like Udemy got sued. It is as if they’re fly-by-night operators.

I will wait until it goes back to $99 for lifetime access

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This is apparently a shady company with no address. I cannot trust it.

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Same problem. I cant find any contact info. I had bought lifetime access but either my email id is disabled or something has happened…my login isnt working or not showing access to Premium stuff. I have tried all email ids. No support what so ever.