The PTS System - Getting Started / Overview

Looking forward to brushing up my DS and system design fundamentals…and hopefully land a better job.

Let’s get that ball rolling!

Looking forward to learn problem solving patterns

Excited to get it going!

Thank you for putting this together!

“For mastering coding interview in general” - seems to be missing an s for ‘interviews’ or maybe a word like ‘the coding interview’. <3

thanks, will fix it in the next deploy <3

Is it legal for me to post my solutions to AlgoMonster problems on GitHub?
Thanks in advance

Here we go again! Be part of the 83%.

lets make it go to the FAANG and to ze moon

Hello world!

Hope i join you guys at google

This is it…

“systems over goals” – love it

Lets do it

Looking forward to mastering this

Hope to join you. Good luck!

Starting my journey today. Hope I will see this comment once again after getting my dream job. :muscle:

Here we go, my journey starts here.