Top Patterns to Conquer the Interview - Getting Started / Overview

Would really like the breakdown of problems for apple and Microsoft.

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Yes I think they should

Hi, AlgoMonster! I think that bar charts (with sorting in descending order) would be much better than pie charts. Pie charts with so many sectors are unreadable. What do you think?

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Let’s gooo

Hi Guys

What are some sample problems under “Basic programming” category? Some examples would help.

I’ll give this place a shot I’ve got 3 months

Hi, why does this course not include linked list? I try to find everywhere in this website but find none…

can we have chart for Microsoft?
I will be interviewing them soon… :slight_smile:

Here we go yall! Day 1 after bootcamp.
BTW any stats on Spotify? Microsoft?

Examples on basic programming would help. Please come up with a section for basic programming.

Getting HTTP 404 after successful login, on the Can someone please check?

no Sliding window no google

what’s up

sliding window is classified as part of two pointers. google is the 4th chart.

basic programming is ad hoc questions that don’t require any algo, essentially asking you to translat english biz logic into code.

What is the ROI and Difficulty to learn for Bit Manipulation, Matrix, Prefix Sum, Stack, Math, Design, Sweep line, Graph, Backtracking and Sorting?

If you already have a technical interview scheduled, checkout leetcode and find out recently asked questions. My 2 cents: from the list, graph, prefix sum and sorting are most likely to be asked.

If you already follow the suggestions on the post, then stack problem are similar stuff for queue, and back tracking problems are similar to BFS and DFS.