Top Patterns to Conquer the Interview - Getting Started / Overview

So I have a Meta (Facebook) interview in 3 weeks on the dot and currently am not good at technical interviews. Should I just be cranking out and cramming the Facebook suggested topics like Two pointers, DFS and BFS? Please let me know!

I’m in the exact same boat! Let us know how it goes and all the best. I hope to hear what others have to say on this.

the Google pie chart has slices for both “Two pointer” and “Two pointers” - should these be combined into one slice?

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Folks, how did the interviews go? Any feedback/ suggestions on the prep? Thanks!

I have Amazon and Microsoft interviews scheduled in 2 weeks. Please help me out what should I mainly focus on.

How did it go?

How’d the interview go?

I want to learn a lot in short period of time and study after work

Focus on the “Core Patterns” first.

I have a interview on site with amazon in 10 days, What points should I focus on to have a good result? In the online test I got 2 problems that I had solved before in leetcode, but now in the in-person test I don’t know what to expect and I’m a bit scared.

If it’s only 10 days, then maybe go through the amazon tagged questions sorted by frequent high to low. Try to solve them and read the corresponding pattern article.s

It was funny, the 2 exercises that came out in the test were here!!! I hope to be lucky in my second round. Thanks!

Please add a page about Hashing techniques

where were the questions? On Leetcode or on here? I have an amazon phone screen coming up too…

I actually have my Amazon OA, due in 5 days. Do you think I’ll be able to be ready in time to do this interview with this program?

New here and haven’t looked deep into the curriculum. Where is greedy covered, since I don’t see a whole section dedicated to it?

Hello everyone, I have a Google Technical interview in a month where is the best place to start if I want to potentially pass this test with ease???

Starting today…

Love to see examples in Swift and Kotlin :slight_smile:

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